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Our mission is to promote quality, affordable, integrative Holistic Healthcare services for all ages, cultures, ethnicities, & socio-economic levels.


"We're a small Company with a Big Dream & we'll need your help to make it happen" 


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We're on a mission to become Philadelphias first
Complete Wellness Center.

Art of Wellness:

We are an Integrative Holistic Healthcare Center that embraces both the Western & Eastern natural healing philosophies. We provide natural treatment approaches to common day problems.

We believe that most symptoms can be cured with a little bit of Education & TLC. As well everyone no matter who they are deserves quality therapeutic services that treat the whole person & not just the symptoms. All while still remaining affordable.

Our treatments target the physical & emotional stress the body endures with few if any side effects.

We can partner with your primary care physician or specialist to provide the best possible treatment options for your current needs & assist you in setting reasonable goals that can be achieved in the shortest amount of time possible. 

How to start Here at Art of Wellness there are many Arts to Wellness but if you are unfamiliar with our treatment options we suggest for you to schedule a Wellness Consultation which will inform you about our practice & assess your well being to determine the best combination of holistic treatments.

Our healing environment  and highly qualified licensed, board certified clinicians and instructors, can provide a place of peace, harmony and restoration. We strive to create a sanctuary from the hectic day-to-day demands that life can bring.

Welcome to Art of Wellness let us help you achieve & maintain wellness.

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Your Genes are your own. Learn about your Genetic Potential today.

We look forward to assisting you in finding the correct nutrtion that your body needs. Give us a call if you have any questions. 

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At Art of Wellness, we bring to you the best supplements possible for each of your individual needs and health concerns.  Nutrametrix Custom Health Solutions  has been our #1 pick for their fast absorption rate, their use of Natural Ingredients and their  ability to be costumized into one container known as a Custom Cocktail. Customized nutrition is the future and the future is here now.

Many health concerns stem from nutritonal deficiencies and can be addressed with the right supplements. Concerns like difficulty with sleeping, constant stress, chronic fatigue, memory loss, digestive health problems, and bone/joint health can all be addressed with Nutrametrix customized health solutions.

Unsure of what you need? To provide the supplements that you need we must first uncover your genetic details and in order to do this we incorporate the use the Gene SNP DNA Analysis.  A Nutrition and Fitness Test Kit that will reveal to you and your holistic health care provider exactly what your body needs. Please watch the video overview of the Gene SNP and call if you have any questions regarding the purchase or use of this product to better benefit you. Don't Guess, TEST!

On Location at Art of Wellness we provide all the services listed below. 



Acupuncture » Food Therapy & Nutrtional Supplements • Holistic Infertility Treatment  Facial Rejuvenation  Craniosacral Therapy  Massage Therapy  Reiki  Reflexology 

Allergy Testing & Elimination   Smoking Cessation  Addiction Recovery Therapy  Couples Therapy  Family Therapy  Group Therapy  Individual Psychotherapy • Creative Arts Therapies

Holistic Weight Management   Tai Chi  Yoga  Meditation • Child & Parent Yoga 


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