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My name is Yan Q. Huo.

While studying to be a Nurse I saw people continue to stay ill and as the daughter of a Doctor from China I learned about medicine that's integrated into your lifestyle. I gave up nursing and went into Psychotherapy to help people find happiness and be set free from suffering. At first I worked at places that had very rigid structures and used nothing but medication. I knew that I could do better for the people. I knew I could incorporate everything I knew into a holistic approach. So i set out and created my own place. 

I started Art of Wellness in 2009 to bring together the natural modalities and healing practices. 

I'm a Licensed Psychotherapist, a nutritionist and an entrepreneur with a holistic approach to mental health. I'm here to helping you discover lifestyle medicine at the Art of Wellness.

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and make life a journey. We invite you to start the adventure towards the life you've always wanted.

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I've been using Nutritional supplements to help my clients feel amazing and get better. When looking into Holistic Therapy we can't ignore that our genes play a vital role in that approach. With a Gene SNP DNA Analysis we're able to see how your genes behave. Once we can see your genes we can tailor the best program for you turning on the desired genes and shutting off the ones we don't want. What's amazing is that I'm not just using this product I'm teaching other Health Professionals to do the same. (Add more text)

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